5 Signs that It’s Time for Replacement Windows

Windows require regular maintenance, just like the rest of a
home, but there comes a time when performing routine maintenance simply won’t
satisfy the issues your home’s windows are presenting, and that’s when the
thought of getting replacement windows becomes a more attractive option.

But, when exactly is the problem pressing enough to take
action? After all, there are many smart tricks that can help to extend the life
of old windows. There are five warning signs you can use to decide when the
moment has come to have your windows replaced.

1. Your Windows Won’t Open or Shut with Ease

Closing or opening the windows of your home shouldn’t be a
laborious task. It’s not something that should require special tools. In short,
if your windows malfunction, it’s time to replace them.

A window that’s difficult to open could be a hazard if it
could otherwise serve as a means of escape during an emergency. A window that’s
difficult to close could be a security risk.

Yet, problems closing or opening is an issue that’s commonly
experienced when dealing with older windows, be they single or double-hung. Its
balance that keeps a window working properly, and that balance can diminish
over time, whether it be to rotting, rusting, warping, or shifting.

2. Your Home is Drafty

A bit of air infiltration is something to be expected even
if you have the best windows on the market, but if the wind starts blowing
outside, it shouldn’t be allowed to just blow on through your home.


Drafty windows can cause a lot of problems. They can let the
moisture, cold, heat, and pollution in to your home, lowering indoor air
quality and your comfort level while raising your electricity bill.

Windows tend to get drafty over time. The frames loosen up,
creating gaps. The windows become warped if they’re made of wood. When you
notice a draft coming from your windows, getting replacement windows is the
best cure.

3. You Find Condensation in the Glass of Your Double- or
Triple-Paned Windows

Don’t underestimate finding condensation in your multi-paned
windows. The issue you’ve discovered could be a very serious one.

This condensation or fog is a sign that the window seal has
failed. Seal failure allows moisture to come in, not only causing the fog, but
leaving your home less insulated.

Though drafty windows may be a problem, you might not notice
the draft. Condensation and fog might not be something you can feel coming from
your windows, but it’s a sign you can see. It’s a sign that the time for
replacement windows has come.

4. You’re Ready to Invest in Having a Lower Utility Bill

Your home’s heating and air conditioning systems have to
work extra hard when the windows fail to do their job. The extra work these
systems have to put in requires a greater amount of energy consumption, and
this means a higher electricity bill.

It sometimes happens that a homeowner thinks their AC unit
isn’t working optimally, when the real culprit to the lasting indoor heat is
the inefficiency of failed windows. Such windows can keep a home hot in the
summer, freezing in the winter, and keep the heating and air units running up
the bill all season long.

5. Your Home’s Exterior Has an Outdated Look

Perhaps your old windows work just fine. The only problem is
they just don’t go with your modern taste for style. Maybe you don’t like the
gothic, Victorian, or colonial look.

New vinyl windows can work wonders for updating a home’s
overall exterior look. When you’ve decided that you no longer like your home’s
ancient look, that when time to get replacement windows.