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Have you ever considered taking on a home exterior remodeling project, but have heard what a hassle it can be? You’re not alone. A lot of our satisfied customers had the same exact initial thought. Good news though. This experience doesn’t have to be difficult when you put your trust in the right home improvement company. Our Estimators/Consultants can easily walk you through this process from beginning to end removing any complications or

The Importance of a Roof Tune-up Staying on top of your roof (no pun intended) can save you money, pain, and inconvenience for years to come. 1. Maintaining clean gutters is the key to ensuring you don’t incur water damage and rot to your roof decking or even foundational issues in the future. 2. Trimming trees and limbs that could be rubbing on your roofing surface can alleviate early shingle failure and potential leaks

Proper attic ventilation is a crucial part in the life and longevity of your roof. It’s imperative to have an exhaust system such as a ridge vent to allow moisture and warm air to escape through the highest point of the home. The exhaust works in conjunction with an attic intake system and both rely on one another to ensure a properly functioning roof. An attic intake allows fresh air to enter through

Word of mouth advertising is always said to be the best form of marketing, and at Kulp Roofing & Construction, Inc. we agree. If you are one of many satisfied customers, we encourage you to share our name and your successful home exterior improvement with your family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. Ask them to mention you by name when they call for a free estimate and if they choose to do a project with

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