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Are you concerned about the integrity of your roof during this winter season? Contrary to popular belief, we can still install roofs throughout the winter months as long as the temperature remains above 35 degrees and there is no falling snow. GAF’s website states “GAF Timberline HDZ shingles can be installed year-round and in all climate zones. In extreme heat and cold, taking precautions such as preheating shingles in a warm room or

It’s referred to by many names, but what’s important is that this product can alleviate ice-damming issues during the unfavorable winters in our region. Heater Cap is a heating system that gently heats the ice and snow coming off your roof. The system uses a combination of heat disbursement panels and self-regulating heating cable. The heating panels melt the ice and snow while a relay of heating cables keep the water melted and flowing

We are often, and rightfully so, asked by customers to explain the differences between our Standard, Good, Better, and Best estimates. One of the main differences between estimates is the material used to cover the roof decking (wood that forms your roof). Our “best estimates” come with GAF’s Deck-Armor roof deck protection. This breathable, synthetic underlayment is designed to serve as a secondary layer of protection against wind-driven rain infiltration. This premium underlayment combines

Our sales process aims to reduce the fear associated with a major purchase like a roof. Our goal is to educate, not just to sell. Here are a few things that will help you through the buying process. 1. Meeting in person is well worth the hour of time it takes. At Kulp Roofing & Construction, Inc., we value our customer’s time and offer a no-pressure approach to our presentation. In most situations an

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