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  Yes, you read that correctly. Our company wants to put you on the payroll. In our business we pride ourselves on doing things right the first time. Sure, we aren’t perfect, but we surely strive to be. Nothing is more helpful to our business and reputation than our customers’ 5-star reviews and referrals. This is where we add you to the payroll. For every referral you send our way that results in a

When we ask customers what color drip edge they would like it often brings up the question of what is drip edge and what is its function. Drip edge is the metal edging that is installed along the rakes and eaves of a roof. The purpose is to help provide support to the overhanging shingles, while also helping direct water into the gutters and preventing it from getting under the shingles and damaging

Kulp Knews is the official newsletter of Kulp Roofing & Construction, Inc. Stay up-to-date on industry topics & trends, special discounts & promotions, and news & happenings inside our business. Please share this newsletter with family and friends and thank you for your generous support of our local, family-owned business.In this issue keep an eye out for information about how to bring your home exterior project to life, the importance of attic ventilation, gutter

Did you just have new gutters installed on your home? Are you noticing rain water overflowing or backing up on stormy days? We often receive calls from nervous customers in a panic that their gutters are leaking and overflowing. Heavy rains that dumping inches of rain in a short period of time will usually over flow gutters and cause water splashing against side of home. This is normal but it doesn’t hurt to

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