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Drip Edge, Flashing, and their Importance

When we ask customers what color drip edge they would like it often brings up the question of what is drip edge and what is its function.

Drip edge is the metal edging that is installed along the rakes and eaves of a roof. The purpose is to help provide support to the overhanging shingles, while also helping direct water into the gutters and preventing it from getting under the shingles and damaging the roof deck.

Drip edge also plays an important role in keeping pests from getting into your home by sealing off the space between the roof deck and fascia boards. When choosing a color for your drip edge, most people tend to match it to the color of their fascia and gutters blending everything together.

Another important step in helping keep your roof leak free is chimney flashing. Homes with chimneys have a gap between the roof deck and chimney. When installing a new roof on a home, we always make sure to reflash the chimney to create a watertight seal and reducing the ability of any damage that might compromise the integrity of the roof. Flashing that is rusted, corroded, or broken, should be replaced to prevent further damage.

When choosing a color for your chimney flashing most customers try to match the chimney or the shingle colors creating a seamless look.

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