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Five Important Steps to Every Reliable Roofing System

Investing in your Roof Installing a new roof is an investment and one that isn’t as simple as just tacking up some new shingles. There are five important steps to every reliable roofing system.

  • The first step in this system is the leak barrier. This ensures that there is a 100% watertight seal in the areas most prone to leakage on your roof, such as around chimneys, valleys, etc. A mouse can wriggle through an opening as small as a dime, so look carefully for those small holes. Clean leaves and other debris out of the window wells to make sure you are maintaining at least six inches between the soil and any wood members.
  • Second is roof deck protection. This is an extra layer of protection that goes over the whole roof to once again make sure everything is sealed and watertight. This protects your roof from harsh elements such as wind-driven rain that in some cases could manage to get under your shingles.
  • Installation of starter strips is the step right before shingle installation. The starter strips are installed along the rakes and eaves of the roof and give the shingles something to adhere to and seal. So yet again, no water can compromise your roof surface and the risk of wind-blown shingles is minimized.
  • After the shingles, the attic venting is installed. Attic venting is vital in helping deal with excess heat and moisture in the attic. If there is not proper ventilation, you may end up with mold and rot in your sheathing.
  • Lastly the ridge vent is installed. Much like attic ventilation, it adds airflow to pull in fresh air, and expel the hot and moist air. Ridge venting is installed along the peak of the roof and covers a slot cut into the roof deck to keep the air circulating.

All of these steps are critical in guaranteeing your roof is set up for success to survive the elements and last you a lifetime. Let us put a roof on your home today. Give us a call for a free estimate.

Call us at (215) 538-0618 for free estimates today!

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