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Help! My New Gutters are Leaking!

Did you just have new gutters installed on your home? Are you noticing rain water overflowing or backing up on stormy days? We often receive calls from nervous customers in a panic that their gutters are leaking and overflowing. Heavy rains that dumping inches of rain in a short period of time will usually over flow gutters and cause water splashing against side of home.

This is normal but it doesn’t hurt to have one of our consultants access the gutter system on your home, making sure there is enough down spouting for water run off on any given elevation. A key rule to remember is that for every 600 square feet of roofing slope there should be a minimum of two down spouts for adequate drainage.

Gutters can also become out of pitch due to age and taking on heavy snow loads in winter months. Kulp Roofing & Construction offer gutter repairs as well as new installation and are always here for advice.


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