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KULP WANTS TO PAY YOU CASH. No Strings Attached!


Yes, you read that correctly. Our company wants to put you on the payroll. In our business we pride ourselves on doing things right the first time. Sure, we aren’t perfect, but we surely strive to be. Nothing is more helpful to our business and reputation than our customers’ 5-star reviews and referrals.

This is where we add you to the payroll. For every referral you send our way that results in a signed contract of $3,000 or more we are awarding you a $200 referral fee. No limit, no catch, no hidden agenda, just our way of saying thank you for the best form of advertising.

When your referral calls our company just have them mention your name and property address. We will make a note of it in our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and if they become a customer of ours, you can expect your referral fee in the mail.

As a small business, we are so appreciative of the work that comes our way from you, our customers who have entrusted your home exterior repair to Kulp Roofing & Construction, Inc.

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