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The People Behind Kulp

Phil Kulp

Owner and President of Kulp Roofing, Phil Kulp, is a 2nd generation general contractor. He is a Quakertown, PA native, and spent much of his childhood learning the ins and outs of the construction business with his father, John. Phil and his wife have been happily married for twenty years and have five children together. While Phil has an undeniable passion for his business, another dream of his is to focus his time and energy on worldwide missions someday.

Lindsey Kulp
Vice President

Lindsey Kulp serves as the Vice President of Kulp Roofing. She was born and raised in Harleysville and has been by Phil's side since their wedding two decades prior. Lindsey is the owner of LK Home Services, Inc. In her free time, she loves to cozy up with a good book and spend quality time with her family. Lindsey desires to live by the ocean someday.

Jesse Kulp
Sales Manager

Jesse Kulp is the Sales Manager at Kulp Roofing. Jesse has lived in our PA community for almost four decades. He enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with his loving wife and three beautiful kids.

Cindy Ziegler
Office Manager

Cindy Ziegler is our Office Manager. She's Phil's sister and is a music lover. Cindy is the mom to six kids and the grandmother of nine grandchildren.

Michael Hand
Gutter Division Manager

Our Gutter Division Manager, Michael Hand, has spent years building cabinets and custom furniture as a hobby. We must say, his 25+ years of construction experience does come in handy. Mike loves vintage architecture, antique tools, traveling, and exploring the world's most historic places.

Tony Ortwein

Tony Ortwein is on board as another one of our trusty Estimators. He's married and lives in Bethlehem, PA. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting and fishing.

Nicholas Hauber

Nicholas Hauber is our professional, Trump-loving Estimator. He's newly married and loves spending time with his family and friends when he's off the clock. He's an avid sports fan and is always keen on spending time in nature with his pups.

Joseph Jones
Roofing Project Manager

Joseph Jones is our Roofing Project Manager. He resides in beautiful Sellersville with his wife and two children. Joseph is an avid animal lover and activist, as well as a die-hard Philly sports fan.

Chuck Eichert
Production manager

Chuck Eichert is the Production Manager. He is the loving father of three boys and enjoys playing sports and spending time outdoors. Chuck has over 25 years of construction experience under his belt.

Window and Door Installations

JT does our Window and Door Installations. His creative mind and artistic side are displayed in everything he does. He's incredibly passionate about sports and loves playing music. He joined the team with seven years of working experience behind him, and his strong interpersonal communication is always well received by customers.

Jorge Bonilla
Repair/Warranty Manager

Jorge Bonilla works hard as our Repair and Warranty Manager. He has worked in the roofing industry for over 25 years. He is the proud father of four kids and five grand kids. Fishing and camping on the beach are two of his most loved activities.

Laura Ziegler
Bookkeeping & Payroll

Laura Ziegler does our bookkeeping and payroll. She's an intricate part of our team and his Phil's niece and Cindy's daughter. She's also our very own movie connoisseur and did gymnastics for ten years before joining our Kulp Roofing team.

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