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Prepare Your Home for Winter

Now that November is already half over, snow and constantly freezing temperatures are on the horizon.

Did you know there are some simple and effective ways to prepare the exterior of your home for the cold temperatures? Here are three easy things you might not be doing to prepare for the winter weather.

1. Shut down the outdoor spigot.

Beyond just turning the water off from the outdoor faucet, make sure it’s also turned off from the inside of your home. You can also purchase an inexpensive spigot cover that will keep the cold air from leaking into the inner pipes. Make sure to also completely drain your hose so it won’t be damaged from any freezing water expanding inside.

2. Seal any cracks around doors and windows.

Drafts and cold weather aren’t just detrimental to your heating bill, but the cold weather can exacerbate an unfixed issue. Simply feel around your doors and windows to find any drafts. If your caulking is dried out or cracked, it could only get worse as winter goes along. By replacing the caulk, you will ensure your home is draft-free and you won’t be hit with any unexpected new problems in the dead of winter. There are also prefabricated options that can be as simple as peel and stick. Or call an expert like Kulp and we can help.

3. Clean your gutters

Ice buildup can lead to serious problems on a roof and gutter. By keeping your gutters, downspout, and exterior drainage clear of debris, there won’t be any concerns with sitting water and expanding ice causing issues. Not only can a damaged gutter be a real pain to deal with in the winter, but it can also wreak havoc on your roof as well. By letting water flow correctly, all will be well for when spring arrives. Kulp offers this service and can still help you before the end of the year.

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Most seem to think roofs can’t be completed in the winter. This isn’t true as long as mother nature keeps the temperature above freezing and none of that white stuff is falling. We can typically complete the project in a day depending on size.

Give us a call today at any of our locations and we can get you set up with an estimate.

Although if you prefer to have your roof completed in the spring, an approved estimate and deposit secures your place on our schedule once the winter weather breaks.


As the days grow shorter and the cold weather gets closer, remember we can still provide roofing estimates.



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