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Should you get a roof inspection before you purchase a new home?

Your roof serves as the first line of defense against the elements in your house, protecting your family as well as your investment.

The inspector will also verify that the roof was installed correctly and will provide you with any maintenance concerns. Even if you’ve just purchased a new home, an inspector can provide you with information about the condition of the roof and the steps you can take to keep it in good shape. Your insurance policy and premium may vary depending on the age of the roof and how well it was examined.

What will an inspector look for? A professional roofer should take just an hour or less to carry out a thorough inspection of your roof, and it may save you from unexpected repair costs down the road.

The average roof inspection costs anywhere from $700-$1250, but the price might vary depending on the complexity of your roofing system. You should look for signs of damage—broken, peeling, or missing shingles or panels, sagging supports, and rotting wood— to prevent or repair leaks and damage to your roof.

The inspection also includes looking for moisture damage to the underside of your roof deck, as well as checking the flashing and the attic’s floor. Your water damage and leaks may also be assessed. If there are any issues, the attic’s flashing and the house’s structure may be inspected.

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