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The Importance of a Roof Tune-Up

The Importance of a Roof Tune-up Staying on top of your roof (no pun intended) can save you money, pain, and inconvenience for years to come.

1. Maintaining clean gutters is the key to ensuring you don’t incur water damage and rot to your roof decking or even foundational issues in the future.

2. Trimming trees and limbs that could be rubbing on your roofing surface can alleviate early shingle failure and potential leaks and problem areas.

3. Keeping your landscaping under control is paramount to allowing light and heat to reach your roof’s surface. The more moisture that sits on your roof the better the potential is for moss and mold buildup which is detremetial to a roof.

4. After a cold, windy winter or severe storm, shingles can break and crack exposing nails and (nail) pops leading to small unwanted leaks.

5. Cracked or deteriorating pipe vents are common causes of small leaks that lead to big problems. There are many items on a roof that need periodic attention to help alleviate bigger issues in the future.

Our team of experts look for these types of issues and more, making sure to bring them to your attention. Give us a call at 215-538-0618 to schedule your roof tune-up today and offer yourself some peace of mind.


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