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The value in replacing windows

Is the added value of new windows really worth it? Many homeowners contemplate giving their home a window makeover, but just how much value can replacing the windows add? While purchasing new windows can be a hefty investment, many real estate experts say the new additions are one of the best ways to increase the value of your home.

Replacing old windows will boost your home’s value:

Window replacements are undoubtedly valuable investments. In most cases, you’ll earn back 70 to 80 percent of your costs when your home’s market value inevitably increases. Keep in mind that very few home improvements recoup 100 percent of their expenses. The specific value of your window replacement will also depend on the type of windows you choose, for example, single-hung windows are cheaper, but picture windows will create an appealing modern aesthetic that’s highly sought after nowadays.

New eco-friendly technology helps protect the environment, and your wallet:

Believe it or not, adding new windows to your home won’t just up curb appeal, but they can also help increase your home’s overall energy efficiency. Energy-efficient windows can even reduce your home’s energy bills, which will inevitably boost your home’s market value, as lower energy bills attract more potential buyers, especially in areas where average energy costs tend to run high, such as California or the Northeast. Replacing inefficient windows will also help to eliminate air leaks, the primary cause for wasted energy. You’ll end up spending less on heating and cooling bills while you eliminate those pesky cold drafts sneaking into your home. Home heating and cooling costs are one of the largest annual expenses homeowners have to pay, replacing your windows with more energy-efficient ones to help slash your energy bills, giving you more money to spend elsewhere.

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