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What is Attic Ventilation … And why is it important?

What is Attic Ventilation … And why is it important?

There are two sides to your roof. Most homeowners only think about the outside and the shingles, but the inside is critical in maintaining a proper roofing system. Attic ventilation is key in making sure your roof lasts for years to come. This balanced system of intake and exhaust vents allow your home to breathe.

Intake vents located in the home’s soffits allow fresh outside air to continuously flow through the attic and exit through the roof’s ridge venting, allowing for proper temperatures in the attic no matter the season.

Maintaining proper attic temperatures is critical in reducing moisture which can lead to mold issues, ice damming in colder months, higher energy costs for cooling or heating your home, and premature roof system degradation.

Kulp Roofing & Construction features a balanced and effective attic ventilation system —protecting your roof on the outside from the inside and your new roof investment for the long run.

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