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What’s So Important About Roofing Inspections?

When it comes to inspections, the best thing about a shingled roof is that it is easy to see when it is in need of some upkeep or a replacement. You can easily step back and take a look for yourself. If you notice shingles buckling, discoloration, ones missing, others cracking, or issues that just don’t look normal, it’s time to have an inspection done.

If these aforementioned issues are in plain sight don’t wait. The best thing you can do is be proactive. A ruptured or missing shingle can easily add to the deterioration of the underlayment, the rotting of the roof’s wood decking causing mold and other costly issues to occur. If you’re unsure about the condition of your roof give us a call.

We can come out and investigate your roof providing a detailed roof inspection. The process is easy in which a roofing technician(s) come to your property, check shingles, flashing, ridge vents, pipe collars, and more. We will even provide you with an honest recommendation as to how long we believe the lifespan of your roof has remaining. Remember the best care for your home is preventative care.


Call us at (215) 538-0618 for free estimates today!

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