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When should you call your insurance company?

After a heavy storm do you experience water stains or leaking inside your home? Have you walked outside only to find shingles all over your yard? What is the next step? Who should you call?

These are common occurrences and very common questions we get from our potential clients all the time. The first call should be to your insurance company just to let them know up front of issues you’re experiencing. They may have you call a local roofing or restoration company to have them assess the damage to your roof.

It is critical that you take steps to immediately prevent any further interior damage; and a roofing company can usually help tarp the area and help assess the leak and work on a formal estimate to fix the issue at hand. The estimator can also help in determining if it makes sense to put in a formal claim depending on the damage and price of repair.

If the damage is less than the deductible it is best to pay for repair out of pocket and not put in a claim against your insurance. What’s important to remember is that the insurance company will only pay to put the insured back to whole, meaning they aren’t going to pay for a full roof for a few missing shingles that are 30 years old.

As the winter approaches it’s a great idea to have a roof inspection done to help eliminate any costly repairs that may occur from storms and harsh impending weather.

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