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Yearly maintenance items around the home

Owning and caring for a home is a big responsibility, it’s likely your biggest investment, and maintenance is a must. The right tools, tips, and tricks will allow you to navigate your home’s annual upkeep smoothly. Follow our home maintenance checklist to help keep your home in pristine condition.

Yearly Home Upkeep Checklist:

  • Cleaning the septic tank

    If your sewage system involves a tank, be sure it’s inspected annually and emptied as often as needed. Most septic tanks need to be thoroughly cleaned every two years.

  • Service your HVAC systems

    If you have central heat and air, give your HVAC technician a call to set up a cleaning and checkup. They will check for any signs of damage and thoroughly clean the furnace and A/C compressor.

  • Grease the garage door

    Oil up the garage door opener, chain, and all of the hinges at least once per year to ensure they operate correctly.

  • Make sure your chimney is safe

    A clean chimney isn’t just for Santa. Even if you’re not a regular user, the chimney still requires an annual checkup. They eliminate dangerous gasses from the home, keeping the air you breathe inside clean. Depending on usage, chimneys need to be cleaned periodically.

  • Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

    According to the National Fire Protection Association, smoke and carbon monoxide batteries must be changed once per year. Not sure how to remember the last time you changed them? Try doing it on the same day every year, like the 4th of July, or Mother’s Day to refresh your memory.

  • Give the house a bath

    Invest in a power washer to thoroughly clean the exterior of your home at least once a year. Do the windows, patio, driveway, and pretty much anything else that can be cleaned with a power washer!

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